Trading in Jordan for nearly a century

The Mango Group’s mother company, Hamdi & Ibrahim Mango Co Ltd. (HIMCO), was established in the early 1920s and was officially registered in 1927 by the two founding brothers Hamdi Mango and Ibrahim Mango.

The company then was a trading operation dealing in various goods and commodities such as foodstuffs, textiles and household amenities. HIMCO then evolved and grew to become one of the most renowned companies within Jordan and the Middle East.

Over the years since then, the business landscape in Jordan and the region experienced many changes resulting from transformations in the social and political landscapes. With the second and third family member generations assuming management roles within the Group, the Mango Group diversified its business interests and expanded into several new sectors.

Our mission and vision

As the business landscape is constantly changing, the Group's only constant is the belief that a healthy environment encourages healthy individuals.

The Group works to manifest this vision by expanding and diversifying operations into new and exciting fields to meet the 21st century's global demands while bettering the local community.

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